10 articles that will teach you all you need to know about Bunk beds


Bunk beds have been used all over for many decades. I am sure that the idea probably came from the military. In college dorm rooms and apartment building in cities all over the country bunk beds are being used as a way to make small spaces more useful.

Like everything else Bunk bed have been mass customized. There are many different types of bunk beds. They also make bunk beds with different material like wood or metal. Many have been written about bunk bed. In this post we are going to search the web to find some of the most useful articles about these beds.


I believe that families can get a lot of benefits from using bunk beds to reduce the cost of housing. At the same time I think families need to spend some times to educate themself about bunk beds. I want them to do this for economical reasons and mostly for safety reasons.

1.Types of Bunk Beds and Lofts

This is an article about different types of bunk beds. This articles was written by Holly Dawson. In the article she covered 10 different types of bunk beds. It’s a good place to start your learning about bunk beds.

  1. Ten tips for selecting the best bunk bed for your kids- Bunk beds buying guide

This articles is a guide to buying a bunk bed. The author is Katelyne Fagan. The Author share ten ideas that will help you make the best decision when buying a bunk bed.

3. Pros and cons of buying bunk beds

In this post the writer do a swot analysis of buying a bunk bed. The writer is Yukta Matheur. She is a writer at Housefull.com. The article cover five benefits and five disadvantages of buying a bunk bed.

  1. Things to consider when buying a bunk bed

In this blog post the author go over ten things you need to consider when you are in the market for a bunk bed. Katelyn wrote this post in 2013. The information she share in this article are as relevant today as they were in 2013.

  1. 31 DIY Bunk Bed Plans & Ideas That Will Save a Lot of bedroom space

This articles cover 31 DIY bunk bed ideas. I must admit some of the pictures look scary and unsafe. When I think about bunk beds safety is first.

  1. Bunk Bed safety

This is an article from Nationwidechildrens.org. It shares 11 safety tips when using a bunk bed. One of the most important tip from the list is to never allow children six years and younger to stop on the top bunk.

  1. 8 bunk beds safety tips

Like the previous article this one is also about bunk bed safety. This is an article by Doityourself.com. A few of the ideas in this article was not shared in the previous one.

  1. Tips for preventing bunk bed injuries

This articles share 12 tips for preventing bunk bed injuries. I advocate the use of bunk beds as a way for families to avoid buying large homes that they can not afford. Homes that can negatively affect these families due to financial pressure. At the same time, I want families to be very carely and educate himself about bunk bed.  

  1. The History of bunk beds

This is an Article Homesteady.com. It covers the origin of bunk beds. While the article is not very useful to help improve current usage of a bunk bed, it is still worth noticing for this post.

  1. 7 Cool Bunk beds even adults will love

I will include this article in the list because I think it’s ok for adults to use bunk beds. Most people see bunk beds as a piece of furniture for children. I think once all the safety precautions are in place bunk beds are good for anyone.

In conclusion

I advocate the use of Bunk beds by everyone,children and adults. Please keep in mind that all the safety factors first. Once all the safety factors are in place I have three exception. Here are my limitation:

  • Children six and under
  • Children and adult over 230 pounds
  1. The elderly
  2. Certain special needs individuals

There might be other consideration or exceptions that I don’t mention. Please use common sense when deciding on a bunk bed or not. I hope this list was useful. If you have anything to share please let us know.


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