20 living space elasticity furniture and products to help expand your living space


I really believe that the average family can stay in a 3 bedroom home for a lifetime. Because soon in the beginning of a family children usually come. There must be a way to make those children comfortable at home. 

I suggest rather than trying to buy a bigger home that can be a burden on the family economically, Families need to turn to living space elasticity furniture and products. In this post, I show five categories of these products.


The gazebo

Gazebos are expanders. They bring your living space out to the patio. I have seen families who uses a gazebo just like you would use a living room during the summer.

The pergola

Pergolas and gazebos are similar. Pergola are not built to protect you like a gazebo does. If it is raining you can not use a pergola. It help expand your home most in summer days when the weather is good.

The backyard storage units

The storage business is big throughout the country. It was surprising to me when I find out many of the units are rented by homeowners. I am not an expert on mental disease so I am not going to go there.

If you don’t have a garage or you must use your garage for other purposes, a backyard storage unit makes sense. All of us have extra things we would like to keep. A storage unit might also be a good way to declutter our small home.

Patio awnings

I some countries people spend a lot of time on their patio. But with central air in most home these days most people rarely spend any time outside. A patient awning can make your patio more useful. It can protect you from the sun. It can also protect you from rain, if it is not very windy.

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The bunk bed

Sleepers need no explanation. The name gives it away. Bunk beds are the famous twin bed used in college dorm rooms. I am sure they are use by the military. Bunk bed is a typical piece of furniture that families use to expand they home.

The sofa bed

The sofa bed is killing two birds with one stone. During the day, it’s a chair but at night it can be turned into a bed. It is an effective living space elasticity furniture.

The folding bed

I have never used a folding bed. I see them in churches being used for visiting missionaries. A folding bed can be kept in a garage or on the side of a big closet. When unfold a folding bed must feel like sleeping on a real bed. I am sure it feels better than sleeping on a sofa bed.

The futon

During my single days I slept on a Futon for many nights. A futon feels like a sofa bed to me. They are very similar. In small college day apartments all over the country is the place to find futons. College students who can afford formal living room sets use futons instead. I believe the futon is an important living space elasticity furniture that should be used in small homes all over the country.

The wall bed

I have only seen wall beds in movies. I have been in homes when the only extra room is used as an office. I can see how a wall bed can be used as a guest bed in  a home office.

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The storage units

Storage bench

At home we find a storage bench very useful. We use is as a place to hide toys. Children toys can make your place look very messy. A storage bench might your solution a hide toys when visitors are coming.

Storage Tv stand

A storage tv stand can be a good place to keep albums and recent magazines. These days we have so many electronic devices it might also be a good place to keep them. If you can find one with a lock, it might a place to hide electronics from kids.

Storage beds

I have only seen storage beds in pictures. Most of them look like bunk beds. The storage area of the bed is just under the mattress. When I was a kid we used to keep shoes under the bed. These days, that space under the bed stays empty. A Storage beds is a  logical living space elasticity product.

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The organizers

Garage organizers

A garage is a large open space, using tools any systems to organize it is a very good idea. An unorganized garage can really looks like a mess. Organizers  does not only increase the amount of items a space can store. It also improve the look of the space.

Shoe organizers

Scattered shoes in a closet or mudroom is not a good seen. Shoe organized is an effective living space elasticity product.

Toy organizers

Previously I explained how I used a storage bench to hide toys in a living room area. In a playroom or a kids bedroom using a toy organized would be more effective. In those areas you are dealing with more toys.

Closet organizers

Closet organizers can double the amount of things you can keep in a closet. I have been in many master bedroom with only one closet. A closet organizer might make it easier for the two partners to share just one closet.

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The others

This list I call others can be very long. For the sake of simplicity we will just look a few for now and will add to it in the future.


Armoires can be used as a closet. You can hang clothes on it just like a regular closet. Armoires can be used in a room where there is no closet. They can be used as an additional closet in a master bedroom with just one closet.

Attic storage systems

Not everything can be stored in the attic. The attic gets very hot in the summer. Things can be damaged by the heat. Moving things in and out of an attic space can be difficult. Not every attic has a regular stairway. A system that help you use your attic space for storage purposes might be a good day to save the money you would spend on a backyard storage unit.

Expanding table

The dining room is one of the least used room in most household. Some families  use their dining room table only for thanksgiving. A family without a formal dining room can use an expanding table for everyday use. For thanksgiving  and family diners they can then expand the table to accommodate more people. The extra chair for the expanding table can be kept in the garage or other storage areas of the home.

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In conclusion

This was a list of 20 living space elasticity furnitures and products to help expand any small home and make it more useful. This list can be much longer. We will keep it short for now and expand it in the future. If you have anything to add to this list please let us know.


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