6 Most Used Types of Bunk Beds


Six Types of Bunks beds

Using bunk beds is a very effective way to expand a small room. Most people are not aware of all the possibilities, when it comes to bunk beds. In this post I would like to share six types of bunk beds that expands the choices a homeowner may have. There are many more than six types of Bunk beds, But this post we are only going to cover six.

Traditional or standard

These are are the standard bed two levels each twin side. Basic sleeps two please one in each level. These are the typical bunk beds you would find in an Apartment in cities all over the country.

Bunk over desk

This bunk bed actually sleeps one person but the bedding in in the top level  because the lower level is a desk for your computer. This is a classic living space elasticity product. If you have a small room that can not take bed and a computer desk at the same time. This would be the best choice.

The triple bed bunk

The bunk bed actually have three levels. Personally I am not a fan of this bunk bed. Specially that third level spot. I would not want to sleep so high. I also think a triple bunk bed need to be secured on the wall to be safe.

Bed over futon

This bunk bed sleeps two people. The lower lever is actually a futon. This Bunk bed really makes the space more useful.

Twin over full

This bunk bed can sleep 3 people. The top bunk is a twin bed. The bottom bunk is a full size bed. Other than the standard bunk, this is a very popular type.

Staircase bunk

This bunk bed have a staircase that makes it more comfortable to go to the top bunk. They have storage drawers on the sides. Some also come with a desk on the side.

In conclusion

These are the six types of bunk beds we wanted to cover. Knowing of all the possibilities, open up all the small bedroom design choices a homeowner may have. I hope this was useful. If you have anything to share, please feel free to comment.


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