About Us

I sell real estate in Metro Atlanta. Most of my customers are young families with children. For several years now I discovered two pattern with my clients.

First,everyone of my customers usually makes  two exact same request. The first, is that they don’t want their monthly payment to be high. They are looking for a comfortable mortgage payment.

The second request common from all my clients is that they are looking for the best schools for their children. They want me to find the best school zones for them.

Well, this is how it usually begins, these are the two things all of them want.

For several years I observe how my clients start to divide in two distinct groups a few weeks into their hunt for their new home. They usually start with the same two request, then divide into two distinct groups.

The two common request among all my clients are logical. A comfortable mortgage payment and good schools for  their children, who does not want that?

The problem is that there is a third desire that is important for them that does not really know how to express, The size of the home are looking for. Most of my client are not sure of the size of the home they are looking for. They will know it only when they see it.  And the size of the Home is what’s going to divide them in two groups.

After a few weeks into the home buying process my client creates two camps. After they get a since of price and size. I will call these two group economic pressure and good parenting.

Economic pressure

This group of clients after a few weeks, once they start to develop a sense of  price and size, starts to abandon the desire for a comfortable mortgage payment. In many cases they call the bank financing them to see if they can qualify for more money. At time their ask me what if I get a part time job for a while so  the bank can qualify me for more money. For this group a comfortable mortgage is no more a priority best school and home size is what they value.

Good parenting

The second group in different after their get a since of price and size in the good school zone, they start to ask me to show them home in different school zones. When I first meet them, if their say please do not show me homes where the schools does not rate 8. The rating is usually 1 to 10. Once they get a sense of size and price, they start to say can you show us homes where the schools are 6 or 7. If they still can not find the size of the home they desire some would go down to a rating of 5.  These client After their get a good sense of the size of the home they can afford in a great school zone abandoned their desire to put their children in a great school. Their real value then focus on a comfortable mortgage payment and the home size they desire.

The Spring of 2018

After several years of observing these two groups of clients, I was surprised in the Spring of 2018. In the spring of 2018 I had two clients that surprised me. Like everyone else they made the same two request in the beginning. They are looking for a comfortable mortgage payment and good schools for their children. After a few weeks looking for homes these clients did not ask to look in other school zones with lower ratings where they could get a bigger home. They did not try to increase the price range.

One day I went out with one of them I observed how the conversation changed. They started to talk about finding homes with bigger bedrooms that can take two beds. They start to talk about bunk beds for their children and sofa beds for guest. These clients would not give up on getting a comfortable mortgage for less economic pressure on their family. They would not give up on their desire for the best schools for their children. They settle for a smaller home instead.  

These are the clients who Inspire me to build Spaceelasticity.com.