Are Children long-term guest in a home?


Children stay around for 18 to 25 years: Are they Just long-term guest in a home?

New families

All over the country today we have empty rooms that cost millions and millions of dollars to families. Some of these rooms are there for children that are expected to come. Every day newly married couples with no children buy four or even five bedroom homes. They buy these large homes in preparation for kids they think will come a few years down the line.

These extra space need to be cool in the summer and warm in the winter. For many years these couples are giving away their life savings for something that way not even come true. I think this is a  practice we need to talk about to prevent too much wastes in our society.


Older Families

At the same time in Older households, we find the same empty bedrooms of children who have moved on many years ago. Some of these rooms still have the personal items of man and woman who now have their own family and their own house.

Should young families in search of their new house should think about their future children has a long-term guest who needs accommodation or permanent residents who need complete comfort and privacy.

We are living in a period of serious economic pressure on families. I think in the long run families need to rethink the way they buy real estate. Families need to stay away from buying extra space to over privacy for children.

They need to start thinking about buying furniture and products to Accommodate them during the time that they will be around. The times of furniture that can make that possible does not need to be invented. These types of furniture are already there and are being used every day. I call them Living space elasticity furniture and products. I have been thinking about them for a while now. The divide them into five groups:


  • The expanders
  • Sleepers
  • Storage units
  • Organizers
  • Others



Expanders help to expand your home over the current square footage, Like a Gazebo. You can consider a large tent in your yard that your kids play inside of as an expander. A space added to the structure of the home that can be used.



In these four categories, sleepers are the most important. Sleepers are bedding units. The most popular sleepers used by families are bunk beds. Families who rent in large cities all over the country use sleepers to Accommodate their children. I think families who own their homes in the suburb need to start using these sleepers too as a way to better manage their finance and improve their quality of life.


Storage Units

Storage units are self-explanatory. Storage units can be inside the home or outside the home. A backyard storage unit seems to be in two categories. It can be seen as an expander. There are storage units inside the home that does not expand it like a storage bench that helps makes the space more useful.



Organizers reduce the amount of space you things occupy. Homeowners use them in garages and basements to make these spaced more useful. There are even attic space organizers.



Many products do not fit well in any other above four categories. These I call others. For example expanding table that can be used only for large dinners. A table like that can be shortened for everyday use and during thanksgiving expanded for a large family dinner. Many other products can fit into this category.


In conclusion

Many people might not like calling their children guest in their home. Maybe, a better name is, long-term residential guest. They might need better accommodation than short-term guest, but we might need to reconsider giving extra comfort and privacy to them. After all, they are just passing through. Using Living space elasticity furniture to accommodate children during their stay should be considered by all new families.

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