Three rooms some home buyers can go without


In the age of financial anxiety, homeowners need to be wise about what they need to pay for. The price of homes continues to go up. This trend will continue because most new units in the market are at the high end. Many families are under significant financial pressure to keep their homes.

I believe the solution is for homeowners to buy smaller homes. By a small house I am talking about size, but most importantly I am talking about the percentage of income that goes to housing. Banks are using 30% in most cases. I think it’s too high. Families should only have 20% of their income going toward housing expense.

With home price where they are today, to make this happen many will have to settle for a smaller home. When buying a more modest home, home buyer need to be wise on what to take out of their want list. In this post, I want to cover three rooms that can be left out.

The keeping room

The first is the keeping room. The keeping room is an extra living room for guest. It usually located right at the front door. Visitors would stay there and would not see the rest of the home. In homes with a keeping room, the second living room is usually referred to as the family room.

If you have a small home, you don’t have keeping room, and you don’t want certain visitors to see inside your home, consider getting a set of front patio seating set.  You can get a large patio Awning to help you rain and sun. That way you can keep visitors like an Insurance salesman, and other vendors outside.

The Guest Room

The second is a guest room. In a previous post, I gave many suggestions on how to accommodate a guest who comes to stay over your home for a few nights. All an overnight guest need is a place to sleep. There are many ways to provide a bed for a short-term guest over your home. Amongst them are:

  • sofa beds
  • Futons
  • wall beds
  • folding beds
  • a bunk bed

The dining room

Last is the dining room. There is no need for a dining room in most American homes. There is a dining room in my house. In there we have a long table with chairs and a china. The china has a lot of wine glasses inside. I can remember once or twice over the past four years that we ever use a wine glass. The dining room table I can remember using it one time three years ago.

Most families use their dining room table on Thanksgiving day. It makes no sense to pay
monthly for space you will use once per year. Instead, I suggest buying an expanded table.
You can collapse it for the everyday use. You can keep the extra chairs in a garage or an outdoor storage unit. When you have a big dinner, you can expand it, bring in the chair and enjoy a  pleasant meal.

In conclusion

Research finds that 52% of Homeowners cannot afford their home. Too many owners are buying homes that they can not afford. If you want to avoid this trap, consider removing these three things from your want list. If there is something you want to add to this post, please add it in the comment below.

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