Reasons why you do not need a guest room


I remember the day I learned about the difference between a want and and a need. I am sure I was in high school at the time.

An article by mentioned a research by North Western Mutual.They conducted a survey about the level of financial anxiety in the United States. 85% of Americans live in financial anxiety according to the research. 85% of anything is very serious in my opinion.

In this age of financial anxiety families need to really think hard about what they want and what they really need.

As a real estate agent I work a lot with buyers. Over the past several years I have observed how home price continue to rise. I think most American families need to take the need to a guest room out of their list when they are looking for a home for their family. In some market an extra bedroom in a home can be has high as $30,000. That can increase a mortgage payment by $200 to $300. That is significant in an household budget.

No guest really come to live with you. They are there just for a few days. I am not sure why they need to have a room of their own.

There are many living space elasticity furniture that can be used for a guest who will be at your place for just a few days. I will list about five of them here.

A bunk bed

A bunk bed is very common in  rental apartments for families of many children. A family just a child living in a two bedroom home can buy a bunk bed where the child can use one spot and the other spot is reserved for a guest.

With bunk beds the higher the quality the better. If you will have adults over as guest it is advisable to have a high quality bunk beds lower quality bunk beds might not be stable, specially if someone heavy is using the top bunk.

The sofa bed

Another good choice for guest would be a sofa bed. I have been in homes where there is a keeping room and a family room. A sofa bed in the family room would work very well for a guest.

Here again keep in mind the high the quality the better it will be. Mainly for comfort and durability. Sofa beds are fairly wide and pretty comfortable to sleep in for a few nights.

The Futon

You might say to yourself that futons where made for college students and single guys studios. I believe in this age of financial anxiety we need to bring to futon from the college studio to the single family homes in the suburbs.

Like the sofa bed, A nice futon in the family room should work nice for a guest. Then again quality always count. A futon can also work well in a large bedroom in the home that already have a bed.

Folding Guest bed

The folding bed is the famous guest bed. My problem with the folding bed is the fact that the once I have seen never seems wide enough for me. I am sure there are wide once.

You can keep a folding bed in your garage and bring it in when you have guest over. You can also keep it in your basement or outdoor storage units.

In conclusion

Families need to make wise decisions when buying a house. For most families 30% of income goes to housing expense.Housing expense will remains for the next 30 years of the loan. Taking a moment to think of ways to keep it low is necessary. In this post I give some suggestions on ways to accommodate guests if you don’t have a guest home. If you have other suggestions please add them in the comment below.


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